Cat taking shelter under dog’s ear

Best buddies forever. πŸ™‚

Super cute rabbit giving an innocent look

The cutest rabbit look ever. πŸ™‚

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Cute elephant seal kissing girl

This is a cute video of an elephant seal kissing a girl on the beach. It seems the seal has not seen or interacted with humans previously and is inquisitive about the girl. It also tries to cuddle with the girl. πŸ™‚

Golden Retriever following his owner’s instructions

This is a cute video of a smart Golden Retriever following his owner’s English instructions perfectly.

Very cute penguin family

Penguin kids gives a perfect cute look for the camera as they take warmth and shelter inside their parent’s brood pouch.

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Cute kittens waking up from sleep

This is a cute video of four kittens waking up from sleep and making their tender body movements as they look around.

Cute bird sitting on cat

This is a cute picture of a parrot sitting on a cat’s tail as it keeps looking towards it.

Cute Grizzly Bear in inseparable friendship with a guy

This is an extremely cute and adorable video of a giant grizzly bear in an inseparable friendship with a guy. The bear is much bigger than the guy himself but they both play with each other like small kids. Awesome video and just displays the fact that grizzly bears also have feelings and can be friendly towards humans.

Cute kittens sleeping together


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Cute little seal searching for her mom

This video is of a cute little searches as she searches frantically for her mom. It is also a bit sad though as she is seems to have been left alone and is pleading towards the camera with somewhat teary eyes.